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Podcast #2 - Anne-Floor Sinnige

Sven Jens on
Podcast #2 - Anne-Floor Sinnige

In the Soft Talks podcast, we talk to several women who have made a special change in their lives in the field of sustainability, innovation or empowerment. Get inspired by the impact they want to make with their business and what entrepreneurship means to them personally.

Candles that connect

The second guest of Soft Talks is Anne-Floor Sinnige of Moments of Light. Anne-Floor gave up her sales- and marketing career to follow her own path: on a trip through Thailand she decided to transform all her ideas and inspiration into a personal product line. Her ambition is to connect people with her luxury line of scented candles. Each scented candle comes with a beautiful, sweet or bold poem describing the moment: from moments of friendship to moments of fuck it and everything in between. It tells the story of whimsy and vulnerability in its own unique way. Characteristics that inspire Soft Revolt. Would you also like to know how Anne-Floor follows her path in her 'own way'? Then listen to her story now.

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