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Podcast # 7 - Part II

Sven Jens on
Podcast # 7 - Part II

In this informal table discussion, we talk to the founders of Soft Revolt. This time the focus is on the adventure of the market launch.

In the Soft Talks podcast, we talk to several women who have made a special change in their lives in the field of sustainability, innovation or empowerment. Get inspired by the impact they want to make with their business and what entrepreneurship means to them personally.

The adventure of the market launch

Today we are back with the second part with the founders of Soft Revolt, Elles Roeleveld and Anet van Haaster. Last week we heard how they started Soft Revolt and what their dreams and ambitions are. Now some more about the adventure itself... Are you curious about the biggest misses during the adventure? What have been the best moments so far? Or how the upcoming market launch has kept them busy? Then listen to our episode now!

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